How can I participate in the YFXL Presale?

1) Click the Coinbase link, enter your email and choose if you would like to pay from your Coinbase account or pay directly from any ETH wallet. 2 ) Send your contribution (minimum contribution is 1 ETH). 3) Once the transaction is confirmed, you will immediately receive an email from Coinbase with your order number.

How do I receive my YFXL coins?

In addition to Coinbase, we will also email you within a few hours to confirm your ETH wallet address before sending your YFXL coins. If we dont hear back from you, we will send the coins to the wallet you paid from after 7 days.

What is the YFXL Ecosystem?

YFXL is an innovative yield aggregator for DeFi lending platforms that rebalances for highest yield during contract interaction with lending protocols. The architecture of our cross-chain platform is designed for communication with lending protocols and pools from other blockchains such as Bitcoin. We formulated a self-improving algorithm that rewards participants for staking YFXL coins together with other crypto assets. The YFXL platform is designed to continually provide value to its holders by reducing inflation over time in order to increase the YFXL coin value.

What is YFXL coin?

YFXL is the coin used for governing and staking the YFXL protocol. It is the coin for community governance and the key to farming yields of various DeFi protocols on the YFXL platform. YFXL coins are staked in conjunction with another asset of choice.

What is the maximum supply for YFXL?

Maximum supply is 25,000 YFXL coins in total.

What is the contract address of YFXL?


What is cYFXL coin?

cYFXL coin is enabling credit delegation for smart contract to smart contract lending on the YFXL platform. 100% of cYFXL will be airdropped on the YFXL community.

What is the maximum supply for cYFXL?

Maximum supply is 3,000 cYFXL coins in total.

Where can I learn more about YFXL?

To learn more about YFXL please read our Litepaper and join our Telegram community.

Is the project decentralized?


Is it open source?

Yes, our code will be open source under the copyright license.

Will the smart contracts be audited?

Yes, before launching on the mainnet our beta version will be audited by professional third party.